We love our toys and often we have some special relations with them. Toys in our adulthood are taking different forms and taking care of our different needs. Toy takes important part of our lives, as educations, entertainments, companies, properties and also especially memories.
My work is an extension of my childhood, it is also the bridge for me to go back and rebuild or repair my childhood. Although, they are often appear like toys or objects from the playground, however, they are obviously not for children.

I prefer to work with unconventional materials including abandoned paintings, clothes, drifted wood, straw, etc. Transforming of everyday, ordinary materials into new forms and meanings is vital for me, I feel the transformation of the materials is entirely interesting, so as any object or life is transforming during time, either its valuation or meaningfulness.

My work involves using the hand stitches and sewing machine as a connection, links and drawing tool. I am very interested in connecting and mark making.

The collection of ‘100 TSZMANs’ puppets is appeared in passive forms; still and steady, but open for interactions.

‘100 TSZMANs’ - puppet collection is the out come of my research in contradictions between childhood and adulthood, which focusing particularly in ‘toys and adulthood’. Toys are the irresistible for children and so do adult, I would like to see it as a bridge or link between adulthood and childhood.

100 tszmans. Collection of Small Mixed M edia Objects - Doll. 2004 - 2009
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